Behind the Design: Discover Ter and Shiraz

We’ve drawn on natural elements while designing the latest additions to our Fast Family: Ter and Shiraz. As a country rich in wine and water, we sought to return to these origins for inspiration. During the past couple of months, we’ve been left with no choice but to observe what’s around us, rediscover its beauty, and let that beauty lead to gratitude. We’ve been pursuing close-to-home adventures and seeing places with a new lens. The Ter River, a cool element we took for granted, has become a place to escape and reflect. And never have we been so grateful to enjoy a glass of Shiraz with a friend in a plaza in Girona. Now, we relish in the simplicity of sipping on wine while sitting next to a bubbling river--rediscovering a place we thought had already been discovered. Meet Ter and Shiraz: two technically perfect jerseys with organic roots.

Like the sparkly blues and greys of moving water as the sun illuminates its complexities, our Ter Jersey shines in the sun and subtly blends colors together. With a sturdy, stay-in-place bottom band that utilizes thermo-taping in the front and a strong side and back band that never rolls up, not only does our Ter Jersey shine aesthetically, it also performs. The wide sleeve ends with comfortable silicone-dots minimize movement and maximize kms. Ter’s understated opal details paired with its slate tones make this jersey easy to pair with any color bibs. Ter: a calm river that flows through Catalonia and an exceptional cycling jersey. 

Our Shiraz Jersey also represents deep hues that change in the light; however, this jersey comes out of the intricate process of making wine. From its origins in the soil absorbing sun and water to the final product in your glass, wine making means creativity and practice. Much like pedaling through a familiar landscape--the repetition of pedaling and observing how the landscape has changed--wine-making involves meditation and reconnecting with our planet. With the new technical details we’ve added to our Fast Family--stronger bottom band, wider sleeve ends, and more responsible resources--this jersey encourages you to immerse yourself in nature and embrace the churning of your chain. Shiraz: rich burgundy tones, thoughtful performance details, and a jersey that suggests a glass of wine after your ride. 

Ter and Shiraz make up two new members to our Fast Family that uphold technical excellence and imbue our origins. To read more about the technical details we’ve reformed in our Fast Family, head here.