NDLSS is constantly moving towards a more sustainable world in which cycling plays a significant role--from riding our bikes to the office to choosing responsible materials and means. As a small company we aim to promote community by forming relationships with our friends at the factory and visiting stores that sell our clothing. With both feet on the ground (or pedaling through the mountains), we avidly seek to improve the way we work as well as the pieces we produce and consume. We’ve incorporated recycled materials into our repertoire and we’re researching even more sustainable options. Together, we can cycle to create a healthier planet.

Why we Manufacture Where we Manufacture

Because they know what they’re doing.

“We opt for factories close to home because we want to build a relationship with each person who’s involved in the process. Also, they’re really good at what they do. It’s a win-win.”

We produce exclusively in Europe, mainly in Italy, as we like to keep it local. These are family run factories that have been perfecting what they do over decades. We’ve fostered a mutual understanding of the high quality we produce together. When we visit the factory, we’re overwhelmed with joy as we see how content the workers are and how committed they are to producing the best clothing. Happy people make great garments.

For a Brighter Future

Cycling is a crucial part of fighting for the planet we pedal through. It’s our mission to help the natural world while creating the finest cycling garments that let us enjoy all the beauty this planet has to offer us. Each season, we have a sustainability conference where we pause to assess each step in our process and the potential negative effects. By reflecting and revising our process and materials, we’re working to limit our footprint.