NDLSS constantly works to achieve better fit and improved performance on the bike by using premium materials and sleek designs. Make sure that you’re taking care of the equipment that’s got your back by following the advice below. 

To take care of your premium NDLSS clothing, we recommend:

  • Closing all zippers and straps before washing
  • Washing at max 30°C 
  • Hand washing with cold water (or gentle wash cycle)
  • Using mild, high quality detergent 
  • Drip drying in shade, do not machine dry  
  • Avoiding ironing and bleach

Please take into consideration:

  • The instructions on your garment’s label
  • Sorting your clothing by color
  • Avoiding fabric softener
  • Our clothing isn’t meant to be dry cleaned
  • Soaking clothing is not ideal

If you have any doubts about how to properly take care of your NDLSS pieces, don’t hesitate to contact us directly at info@endless.cc