NDLSS™ is a premium cycling apparel brand for free-minded cyclists.

Informed by Spain’s rich cycling culture, NDLSS™ seeks to redefine the cycling landscape by infusing unparalleled quality with modern design.

We see our gear as a portal that unlocks your inner-world through the repetitive act of pedaling. Our kit as a tool that inspires you explore the world around while entering a mental state of self-discovery.



FACTORIES: All of our clothes are made in Europe to ensure high environmental standards and to maintain close connections. By keeping it local, we can visit the factories often and develop relationships with everyone involved in producing our clothes. On a logistical level, the shorter distances make a huge difference in minimizing impact.

MATERIALS: Almost all of the fabric we use to create our collections is made from recycled materials, both post-consumer polyester and pre-consumer elastane taken from industrial waste. For special projects, like our Home Collection, we take the leftover fabrics from the factory and put them to use. As long as we can maintain our high standards when it comes to quality, choosing environmentally-friendly materials is a no brainer.

LONG LASTING GARMENTS: Apart from choosing responsible factories and recycled materials, we put thought into each garment feature to make sure our gear lasts. There’s nothing more environmentally friendly than a garment that stands the test of time–ride after ride, race after race.

PACKAGING: We protect all of our products in compostable bags and opt for paper when it comes to the rest: tags, mailers, etc.