FAST BREAKDOWN: The latest S/S pieces

As the name states, this division is all about speed: technical, aerodynamic, constructed with details to enhance velocity. For those who never lose the drive to go faster, our Fast Collection focuses on performance while maintaining subtle aethestics, like ombre colorways and classic hues. 


Fast Jerseys: 

Produced in Italy, our signature Fast Jerseys provide an entirely new level of breathability, low moisture absorption, and drying speed. Our mesh side panels and stretch-proof polyester pockets complete our new design—a jersey truly optimized for utility, comfort, and beauty.

 Fast Bibs:

These light, soft, race-fit bibs will quickly become your favorite lightweight bibs. With an updated pattern, we've heightened your on-bike experience in both comfort and efficiency. Flatlock stitching, fully dyed fabric, and details like white reflective logos, you're ready for competition, whether internal or external. 

Light Gilets/Jackets:

Designed to be incredibly agile, yet extremely versatile, the Light Jackets and Gilets become essential on early summer starts, descents, and sunset arrivals. These lightweight shells are stowable and show off a two-way zipper to ensure easy adaptability. 

Aero Socks:

Performance down to the detail. While maintaining breathability and durability, these Italian made socks enhance speed by smoothing out airflow as you pedal. With a stay-in-place gripper places on the inside of the raw cuff, the Aero Socks maximize speed, efficiency, and comfort.