BEHIND THE DESIGN: Fast Jerseys, Topography in Green and Grey

We rely on maps to challenge us, to show us new places and how to get back home. We search for bigger mountains, quiet towns, paths we've yet to pedal through. Inspired by cyclists’ dependency and fascination with maps, these brand new Fast Jerseys show off subtly and performance. Meet the latest members of our Fast Family: Topography Jerseys in Green and Grey. These jerseys are a testament to our commitment to innovation, aesthetics, and the spirit of endurance that defines us.

The Topography Jerseys merge aesthetics and speed optimizing features. Inspired by the topographic maps of the mountains of Madrid, the heart of Endless, the contour lines of these maps represent the elevation and ruggedness of these climbs. Scaling mountains brings us back to the simplicity of nature and invites us to appreciate our surroundings once again.

Like the other jerseys in our Fast Collection, the Topography Jerseys are made with recycled Italian fabric, lightweight and ultra-breathable, with extra airy side panels for temperature regulation. Made for both male and female forms, these Fast Jerseys maintain an aerodynamic fit, making them ideal for competition and intense training sessions. It features a secret fourth pocket and front thermo-taping so you’re ready for long, summer rides. 

It embodies the spirit of the mountains, the challenge of the climb, and the innate joy riding a bike. It's not just a jersey; it's a symbol of the journey and the endless pursuit of tougher, higher climbs. The Topography Jerseys are a tribute to the mountains. They remind us why we ride: for the love of the journey, the challenge of the climb, and the thrill of the descent.