2023: The Places We've Been

Year in Review - Highlights from Around the World 

Reflecting back on the people and places that made 2023 extra special. 

Another year of pedaling together is coming to a close. It's been an great one thanks to Fast Friends and their international adventures. Here's to 2023 and all the places it's taken us. 

January in Girona: A photoshoot centered around friends & food

As a means of combatting contrived content, we sought to bring friends together to enjoy a day riding and exploring while using his film camera to capture connection. Read about what went on behind the scenes here

Special thanks to @brazodehierro and @juliallonch

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February in Barcelona: Fast Friend feature with Filipp 

We got to know skater and gravel rider, Filipp, on his home turf. From unlucky accidents to daily life, we uncovered different layers of this Russian born, skate shop owner and made a video about him and our time together. 

Special thanks to @filipp and @peterofthespoon

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April in Singapore: cyclists from neighboring countries pedal together

Fast Friends from both Malaysia and Singapore joined forces with us to organize our first NDLSS event in Asia. 

Special thanks to @liemcycles

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June in East Africa: Two friends take on Uganda/Rwanda

In a life-changing bike packing trip, Fast Friends, Judit and Humbert, spent six weeks crossing Uganda and Rwanda and documenting their journey along the way. They enjoyed getting to know the kind people, the wild animal and ended up falling in love with Africa.

Special thanks to @juditerra and @remote.hc

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July in Madrid: The NDLSS Fast Friend Meetup

We’d been dreaming about bringing our community together and we finally made it happen. It was a day of climbing and hugs. We were blown away by how many people came to show their love and spend the day together. One thing we know for sure is that the future is filled with more events like this one. 

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August in Offenbach, Germany: Gelato Cycling Club ride

We worked side by side to create a special event for the Fast Friends in Offenbach who have brought together a community of cyclists who ride regularly and enjoy unusual events, like the Aperol Spritz Tour. 

Special thanks to the @gelatoriding.club

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December in New York City: Exploring the city on two wheels

We cycled through NYC and captured some of the most iconic street scenes--from stoplights, to construction-ridden roads, and everything in between.

Special thanks to @acevallosphoto and @dabidyames

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