BIB BREAKDOWN: The Latest All-Weather Thermal Bibs

Thermal Bibs make up the perfect transitional piece for in-between seasons and potential moisture. They maintain both insulation and water-resistant properties to keep you protected and warm on cold erratic days, so you can do big rides even when the weather isn’t on your side. Meet our latest transeasonal essential.

Technical Details

Our Thermal Bibs have been engineered and tested for maximum comfort and warmth without compromising on performance and fit. The slightly heavier, brushed fleece provides insulation without limiting mobility or causing unwanted distractions. On the surface, you’ll stay protected by an advanced DWR  treatment that’s especially breathable and gives the garment a longer life. This is a versatile, foundational bib that’s ready for dicey days in the saddle. 

These weather combating bibs are constructed with a sturdy, yet soft fleece and treated in the most environmentally-friendly fashion. By choosing ACQUA ZERO ECO by Sitip, our Thermal Bibs stay water repellent, breathable, and incredibly durable. This fluorine-free, PFOA-free technology successfully utilizes hyper-branched polymers to keep water out while never restricting the garment’s breathability. The simple straps stay close to your body and the mesh back panel keeps excessive heat and sweat at bay. 

All About the New Pad

Made with ECO X-MIX premium, eco-friendly fabric, this pad has exceptional moisture control properties. This is the latest all-terrain pad designed for 7+ hour rides. Anatomically perfected for men and constructed with a wide variety of strategically placed stitching, including both flatlock and overlock, to maintain an even surface and increase durability.