New and Improved Long Sleeve Away Jerseys

Long Sleeve Away Jerseys: 5 New Colors / 5 New Changes

We’re living in an unpredictable world, so comfort and protection are more important than ever. As mornings get chillier and precipitation becomes inevitable, you’re going to want a cozy piece to encourage you out the door and keep you warm while pedaling. Did you try last year’s Long Sleeve Away Jersey? Well we’ve been tweaking it--trying out new fabrics, performance details, pocket structure--and the result is excellent. 

The Long Sleeve Away Jersey is at once fast yet cozy. It’s made from a new compact fleece that has a soft brushed lining--it’s the happy medium between warmth, comfort, and performance. It’s soft as can be and as breathable as ever. This is your go-to jersey for chilly weather. Trust us, you won’t want to take it off. 

When it came to pocket design, we took inspiration from the simple, lovely colors of each LS Jersey and sought to maintain this clean aesthetic. With totally hidden seams, the back pockets are almost invisible and lay totally flush against your back when empty. Their internal mesh layer maintains temperature control, while the secret fourth pocket zips up to keep your most precious objects secure. Our revamped pocket design not only works exceptionally well, it also looks flawless. 

When it comes to structure and efficiency, we’ve added thermo taping to the front bottom band to ensure stability and to eliminate distractions. The Long Sleeve Away Jersey sticks to simplicity in both structure and color. Now made with wider cuffs, it’s easy to slip on, never digs in, and always stays in place. Stay toasty for the morning kms, and slowly open up the Long Sleeve Jersey as you ride into the sunny afternoon. As daylight hours shrink, let the Jersey’s reflective logos shine and keep you safe. This is our cleanest, most efficient cold weather jersey that is available in five lovely hues. Meet our fresh Long Sleeve Away Jerseys.