Guide to Riding in Hot Weather

Whether you’re doing a multi-week bike packing adventure or simply hopping on your bike for a quick gravel ride beyond your backyard, summer means serious preparation. Here are three exceptional gear combinations that keep you cool and content on dreadful summer days.

( + 31º ) You woke up late, but won’t bail on yourself: The hot, hot summer look  

This minimal setup means you’ve left yourself with no choice but to endure summer in all its glory. It’s the kit you wear when you’ve planned your bidon fill-up stations and have forced a detour that takes you near a body of water. Starting from the bottom, our breathable Block Socks, made with Meryl® Skinlife™ fibers, naturally stay odor-free and make temperature control a breeze. Our Fast Mesh Jersey is heat’s antidote. With a full mesh front panel as well as mesh sleeves, this minimal piece makes even the most scorching days tolerable from the saddle. The back fabric is not mesh in order to keep the sun rays away. You’ve got sun protection on the brain and we’ve got your back. Your Fast Bib base is (as always) aerodynamic, airy, and designed to eliminate all distractions. Welcome to your most minimal, lightweight kit. 



( 23º - 30º ) You're up a at decent hour and motivated: The it's-hot-but-not-hellish kit 

A full Fast kit supports cyclists on all types of rides in all types of warm weather. Count on our Fast Jersey for comfort, performance and design. Available in a myriad of lovely color combinations, this jersey gives you the edge you need to feel confident on the bike on brisk mornings, bright afternoons, and evening loops. Base Layers carry out important cooling regulation to ensure your body temp doesn’t drop too much as you descend or climb too much as you pedal up mountains. Available in Navy and Black, Fast Bibs providea solid bottom half that compliments the aerodynamic Fast Jerseys in fit and performance. This is your off-to-the-races formula. 




(17º- 23º ) You love seeing the sunrise from the saddle: The it’s-not-so-bad-yet setup 

This versatile combination is for those who sacrifice sleep for early mornings in the mountains--for those who wake up at 5:00am to be descending when the heat starts to set in. With the soft, yet durable Away Bibs, you can ride assured. Made with the latest Elastic Interface® Pad you’re ready for all-terrain, long-distance rides in the early morning or blazing afternoon. Paired with our solid Short Sleeve Away Jersey, crisp mornings and unexpected cool weather won’t phase you. Constructed with Italian made Sensitive® fabric, you can trust this layer in all kinds of conditions. Slip on a light gilet or jacket for the brisk part of the morning and stow it away for the descent. Sometimes the lightest layer makes all the difference. Meet your fresh morning set-up.



Feet and Foundations 

Getting down to the under-appreciated, yet utterly important essentials: Meryl® Skinlife™ socks and Bidons, both available in hues that make you happy. During summer, layering is an art and each lightweight element must do its part. Our Block Socks do their part by wicking and keeping all bacteria at bay. Our Bidons maintain bacteria free features as well to ensure things stay clean, despite enduring sweaty days in the saddle.