JERSEY BREAKDOWN: Fresh Mesh Jerseys for Summer

As heat starts to creep into the morning hours, we start to strategize to prevent discomfort and dangerous, sun-provoking effects. We must maintain motivation and stay strong despite all the challenges and logistics that come with riding in the summer. Discover the perfect antidote to sweat and steam: Tension and Structure, the latest mesh members of our Fast Family.

Fast Mesh Jerseys: Complete Temperature Control

Our classic race jersey has been reimagined for combating summer heat. With the same speedy concept in mind, we've revised our Fast Jerseys to create your favorite summer jersey. The Fast Mesh Jerseys are now engineered with details to enhance body cooling and thus overall performance. Made with the highest quality Italian fabric and strategically placed thermo-taping, you’ll feel fresh and completely comfortable thanks to these stay-in-place features and wicking fibers. 

Behind the Design: Tension, the latest Fast Mesh Jersey

On hot days, we seek the mountains. When climbing in heat, we strain and sweat, and wonder why we went out for a ride in the first place. It’s this stress that inspired our new Fast Mesh Jersey: Tension. Our lightest and most minimal piece encompasses the space between suffering and joy--between wanting to push harder and wanting to go home. This new Fast Mesh Jersey will disappear on your back while you disappear in the mountains and remind you that tension and balance are synonyms.

Behind the Design: Structure, the latest Fast Mesh Jersey

Our routines keep us together, sane and stable, even in summer. We develop a resistance to high temps, long climbs, and steamy sprints. With discipline and kits engineered for summer, we’re eager for tough rides. Introducing our most technical, temperature regulating Fast Mesh Jersey: Structure. This mesh jersey embodies external and internal powers pushing against each other--how we’re stronger by choosing hard rides in harsh conditions. Make Structure a part of your summer cycling lineup.

Away Bibs: Now in Midnight Green

Our Charcoal Away Bibs have met their match: Midnight Green Bibs with an exceptional Elastic Interface® Pad. Our Away Bibs are designed with soft, breathable fibers constructed for all-terrain, long-distance rides. Made with the latest Elastic Interface® Pad, a slightly thicker, anatomically shaped pad, and lush Italian fabric, you'll stay content even on all-day adventures. 

Mixing it Up: Socks Available in New Hues

The NDLSS Performance Socks, made of Meryl® Skinlife™ fibers, now live in Taupe and Magenta, Olive, Pale Green and more. Not only do these socks naturally combat bacteria and odor, they also maintain features of compression socks to increase circulation. Add them to a kit and enjoy 15% off.