BIB BREAKDOWN: Away Bibs vs. Fast Bibs

We’ve developed two branches of bibs that imbue quality and comfort: Away and Fast. Like their jersey counterparts, the inspirations for our Fast Collection and Away Collection come from the diverse ways we ride and enjoy the bicycle. All of our gear maintains a tight, performance fit; however, there are several distinct technical details that provide you with a range of support. 



The Away Bib, now up for grabs in Navy, Black, Charcoal, and Midnight Green, is designed and constructed with long rides in mind. Its durable fabric paired with an advanced, all-day pad, means you can take on bigger, more challenging adventures without worrying about any potential annoyances. This specific Elastic Interface® Pad is made for seven plus hours in the saddle and uses entirely eco-friendly material. The Away Bibs’ unique leg gripper keeps everything in check so you can focus on pedaling farther and discovering new places.



The Fast Bib, available in two timeless tones (Navy and Black), is aerodynamic and constructed to compete. By merging top of the line Italian fabric with a slightly thinner pad, we’ve created a race-fit garment that keeps you cool and pedaling strong no matter how tough the race may get. These details, along with mesh ventilation zones, eliminate distractions and make ambitious rides achievable. With a high front fabric panel, there will never be a gap between where your jersey ends and where your bibs begin. The Fast Bibs maintain crucial zero-distraction features to ensure you can compete at the highest level.