Behind the Design: Discover Sundown and Moonlight

Two new jerseys from our first Spring/Summer drop

We’ve been fiddling with style and materials and out of this tedious process we’ve created new beautiful, high performance Fast Jerseys as a part of our most recent Spring/Summer drop. Our first Spring/Summer drop consists of three jerseys--Moonlight and Sundown, which belong to a collection of their own, and our Garnet Jersey, which already has a home in our Precious Gem Collection. While Garnet upholds our detail-oriented technical efficiency as well as our signature design, it’s Moonlight and Sundown where we really took risks and challenged ourselves design-wise. Moonlight and Sundown are our most innovative jerseys yet, both in their distinct design and revolutionary features.

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During the brainstorming process for Moonlight, we kept returning to the idea of long winter rides when you see the sun come up and arrive back home after the sun has already disappeared beneath the horizon. We drew on these all-day rides, sometimes planned other times improvised, when choosing colors and considering how they would blend together. Like hours seem to melt together while pedaling, these rich hues mix and fade. It’s about the rotation of the wheels against the earth as it turns and how we propel ourselves--going places, getting lost, observing the world around us and how we perceive it during different moments throughout the day. It’s about feeling small, yet strong and reveling in big days in the saddle. Meet our latest Moonlight Jersey

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In the same vein, we have our Sundown Jersey, which was inevitably influenced by our rides on the meditarranean coast and in Girona. These bright locations often provide a warm evening end to a high km ride and, if you’re lucky, an ocean view. This jersey is about arriving back home as the sun’s dropping below the horizon--long shadows, the sun’s burnt orange brightness flashing between your spokes. It’s about letting the repetitive pedaling motion rock you into a meditative state where you’re calm, moving strong, and noticing the world around you in a way only the bike encourages. The ombre blending from rust to navy blue and, all the colors in between, represents transitions, changing light, and your ability to appreciate it all from the saddle. Meet our brand new Sundown Jersey.

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