HOME BREAKDOWN: A second life for leftover fabric

Our Away and Fast families no longer stand alone. Meet the latest addition to our staple collections: Home. Merging the finest Italian textiles with our know-how, we’ve worked to repurpose unused fabric to create our durable, all day Home Jersey. Designed to turn excess into essential. 

The Home Jersey is a reliable jersey constructed with pre-dyed, lightweight Italian fabric that maintains cooling properties to ensure body temp regulation and overall comfort on tough training days. Along with its wicking nature, the high-stretch, advanced fabric provides protection against damaging UV rays. Its iridescent, reflective logos mean early starts and rides that extend into the evening stay safe. 

Regarding fit, the Home Jersey shares our Away Jersey’s slim-fit nature, which means it’s slightly looser yet still aerodynamic to create an extremely versatile, warm-weather piece. In the same vein, it maintains a neat storage panel and a secret fourth pocket. 

Composed completely of leftover Italian fabric, the Home Jersey is designed with the planet in mind. We've given these abandoned textiles a new life without sacrificing quality or performance. We’re proud to finally share this project with the world.