2022 - Year in Review

Highlights worth revisiting from the past year  

It's hard to believe we're wrapping another year of pedaling together and taking on life's inevitable challenges. It's been an extra special one for us thanks to Fast Friends and their ambitious adventures, teamwork with artists/designers that became friends, and special jerseys made from leftover fabric. Cheers to a 2022 we're proud to share with our community. 

Nils' Winter Ride: A frozen excursion around Catalonia

We finally got to see this much-loved videographer/photographer/friend, Peter, in action while creating his first video for NDLSS. He used a film camera to capture Nils' winter adventure around Catalonia.


Home Jerseys: A second life for leftover fabric

We hit one of our main sustainability goals by taking the factory's leftovers and making some limited edition Home Jerseys.


Jimbo & Peter’s Trip: Two friends take on Murcia/Alicante

Fast Friends, Peter and Jimbo, took on Murcia and Alicante and documented their journey on film. They enjoyed a quick escape filled with serpentine roads, rural restaurant stops, and unexpected ramps.


Roel Collaboration: A place-based project by Rotterdam designer

After lots of production troubleshooting, we were ecstatic to release our first collaboration with Rotterdam designer Roel Van Eekelen. To celebrate, we organized a ride at Roel's local store: Bomba Bomba. We're really proud of this one. 


Volata: The four-part editorial series

Our first campaign to be physically published in Barcelona-based cycling magazine, Volata.


MJ Collaboration: Welcome to the Roadside Diners Club

We'd been admiring MJ for a long time before we started collaborating. His concept captured our attention from the get-go. With the NDLSS/Mars logo, and overlapping shapes/patterns, we were honored to release pieces that strayed from our usual look. 


Javier, Amaya, José, & Ivan's Trip: Madrid to San Sebastián by bike 

Javier convinced three friends to take on a bikepacking adventure from Madrid to San Sebastian: 557 kms and 6400 meters of climbing in 3 days. Fueled by morcilla y huevos, blood sausage and eggs, they planned the routes around vineyards, fountains, and quiet roads.