This collaboration comes out of friendship, a shared passion for design, and the bicycle. Hugo, founder and creative director at NDLSS, and Justo, creative director and owner at Laser Barcelona, have been good friends for over 15 years. Their story starts like many love stories with a friend in common: Alfredo de la Cruz. These three dudes found each other in the graffiti world during the early 2000’s in Madrid and Barcelona. Their paths continued to cross at fixed gear events all over the world, from Berlin to New York, and eventually they began to develop their own brands. Hugo and Justo share an affection for what they do and have been known to spend hours on end chatting about future plans for their brands. In 2019, Hugo approached Justo and suggested constructing a streetwear collection together. After more never-ending conversations, they have created a lovely collection that exemplifies both of their brands and includes both casual wear and cycling clothing.