These weather combating bibs are constructed with the ever-reliable AQUA ZERO ECO fleece and treated in the most environmentally-friendly fashion. By choosing BLIZZARD by Sitip, our Thermal Bibs become water repellent, breathable, and incredibly durable. This fluorine-free, PFOA-free technology successfully utilizes hyper-branched polymers to keep water out while never impacting the garment’s breathability. The soft, simple straps stay close to the body and the mesh back panel keeps excessive heat and sweat at bay.


  • Stay-in-place silicone elastic band 
  • Fleece-backed fabric
  • EIT pad, naturally bacteriostatic with 4-way stretch
  • Non-slip silicon leg grippers
  • Legs and with silicone elastic band and zip

About Our Pad 

The latest Elastic Interface® Pad is designed for all-terrain, long-distance rides. Anatomically perfected for men and constructed with a wide variety of strategically placed stitching, including both flatlock and overlock, to maintain an even surface and increase durability. 

Key Pad Features

  • Made for 7+ hour days
  • Made with ECO X-MIX premium, eco-friendly fabric
  • Engineered with exceptional moisture control properties
  • Smart, central channel to enhance blood flow and reduce pressure

Conditions Recommended

6°-12°C / 43-54°F

Wash & Care Instructions

  • Wash at 30°C
  • Use mild detergent
  • Drip dry in shade
  • Do not iron
  • Do not bleach