Re-Discover. The paradise is around the corner.

Many times, we look to far-off paradises, we imagine trips to unknown countries. After spending the entire week between home and the office, you dream about getting away to more exotic places. But we forget that the paradise is close to home.

A good friend tells us a story: any given Sunday he goes out before the sun is even up, with the only goal being to enjoy the day, to see what’s close by with new eyes. Half an hour later, a trail offers a spectacular view of the sunrise, he just needs to follow it to discover a rocky landscape, dominated by vultures, he is so close to the animals and the surrounding nature that he feels part of it like never before.

He shares his journey with them, no Strava, no Garmin, no potentiometers. You can stop, admire, take a photo and keep going.

Re-Discover means getting excited all over again with something that might be routine for others. Explore and enjoy every instant.

Brothers Javier and Guillermo Botella make Blanco en Botella, a film production company based in La Rioja.

Dreaming of traveling to far-off destinations, but lacking the time to do so, the Botella’s found the inspiration in the small and beautiful region in the North of Spain where they are native from.

They invited their good friend along, the Barcelona based tattoo artist Aitor Lafuente, and the trio spent three days documenting an adventure which combined their two passions: film-making and bikepacking.

We at Endless are proud and happy to partner the brothers in this special project. Together with Orbea, Miss Grape and Wilderness Trail Bikes, it is for us a pleasure to present a stunning video that showcases the Blanco brothers’ talent and the beauty of the region they call home.



Video: Blanco en Botella

Photos: Península Work