At NDLSS we make high quality, aesthetically pleasing cycling clothing that encourages you to go faster and farther. 

We use the latest, most-advanced fabrics and materials to ensure our gear is technically superb. We develop each product with a specific style of cycling in mind--from off road adventures to long days packed with kms and climbs. Our garments are racey and beautiful. 

Our aesthetic is clean, geometric, and modern. We seek to not only blend colors, but also to blend high fashion with performance cycling apparel. 

We spend about a year in the conceptualization and testing processes. As a diverse team of writers, designers, cyclists, architects, and artists, we use our different backgrounds and perspectives to create one of a kind pieces that are technically perfect. We take into account feedback from customers and friends alike and constantly improve each of our designs. 

We manufacture our products in Europe, mainly in Italy; however, we count on other factories within the European Union for small batch products.  In Italy, we carry out new developments, continuous production, and limited edition pieces. In various specialized factories within the European Union, we innovate using the latest materials and we cover a small, yet important part of our production. In all manufacturing locations, we make sure to visit frequently and get to know the people behind our clothing.