The Away Insulated Jacket: comfortable in its looser fit and efficient insulation. This jacket is ready for the darkest, coldest winter days. Originally invented for the US military, Primaloft uses unbreakable air pockets to trap heat even when soaking wet. The strategic upper-back apertures allow for both shoulder movement and breathability. The compact fleece with a soft brushed lining strategically used as side panelling and inner-sleeve support provide structure and stretch. A two-way access pocket secured with zippers means snacks stay safely stored and easy to reach. The Away Insulated Jacket is durable and detail-oriented to make your most extreme adventures comfier. 

We’ve strayed from our race-fit roots and the result is something else. We’ve created our comfiest collection yet: the Away Collection. It’s snug, but not suffocating. It’s fast, but forgiving. Meet our brand new Long Sleeve Jerseys, the latest members of our Away Collection.