Meet our Sapphire Jersey

Historically known for its deep hue and its ability to paint the entire sky blue with only its reflection, sapphire’s a heavenly stone that represents power. Like the sky’s ever-growing immensity as we gradually ascend, sapphire was believed to fill the heavens with its rich tone. The stone’s strength along with its connection to the sky have inspired our latest piece. Meet our Sapphire Jersey. 

We went to the coast to capture this jersey--a place where two blues come together, divided only by a thin horizon line. The turquoise water in this tiny Spanish beach town, Garraf, contrasted with the white-washed houses speckling the hillside inherently evoke a sense of reflection and grandeur. However, it’s in the neighboring town, Sitges, where its climb truly makes us feel small against the sky above and the expansive ocean below.

In these small coastal villages, where land meets water and water meets sky, light transforms in ways we cannot comprehend but only admire. Like the mysterious power of sapphire in spreading its color through the heavens, these magical villages give us a place to appreciate the majestic nature of the tones around us.

Made with thoughtful details, like stay-in-place silicone and thermo-taped sleeves, our Sapphire Jersey is as beautiful as it is efficient. Like the precious gem’s implicit power, this jersey pushes you further and encourages you to reflect along the way.