JERSEY BREAKDOWN: Our New Lightweight Away Jerseys

Made with recycled Italian fabric, Trace and Clay are designed and tested for comfort and maximum performance even as we move into a hotter time of year. Its lightweight, ultra-breathable fabric and extra airy sleeves, make temperature regulation a breeze. Its slightly looser fit still stays aerodynamic yet makes this piece extremely versatile--from social rides to racing. Meet our brand new, warm weather essentials: Trace and Clay, made with advanced, highly-breathable yarn.

Constructed with thoughtful, functional features–like a secret fourth pocket, an inner wind flap, and front thermo-taping–you’re more than ready to take on a long ride in hot weather. When it comes to the sleeves, we’ve gone back to the basics: breathable fabric and simple sleeve ends. By removing the sleeve grips, we’ve optimized comfort and minimized potential hot-weather irritation.

When designing the pockets, our focus was eliminating excess layers while maintaining ample storage space and a clean look. We’ve removed bulky, heat-provoking fabrics so the multiple-layered pocket organization doesn’t mean an extra sweaty back panel. The wind flap means worry-free zipper adjusting and zero distractions. 

Trace and Clay's colorways come from bold natural tones that blend together–akin to the way trees, soil, mountains, flowers blur together while riding. These complex hues, along with the fine topographical lines that move across the jersey, imbue nature’s entanglement and our observation/involvement in it, as cyclists and citizens. Our fresh Away Jerseys mean refined, warm weather pieces perfected with both technical and aesthetic details.