Maats Amsterdam

Let us get emotional for a moment. Let us tell you about Maats.

We have a special bond with this Amsterdam shop.  We have a special bond with the Netherlands. We have ridden this small unique flat beautiful country from North to South, from East to West. We know its roads, we know its winds. We know its cycling community, with members very united no matter what corner they come from.

When Rob and Joost came out with the idea of the store, they contacted us. We spoke about cycling around some beers, or was it wine? Whatever…

Some months later there it was, a cozy beautiful store with our clothes hanging on their racks. We have learned and grown working with them. Maats is attached to our history and we like to think that we have contributed our grain of sand to Rob and Joost´s beautiful project.

Now that a year has past and a new bigger and brighter Maats is open, we are visiting the guys and riding with our numerous friends in the land of cycling.

We are looking forward to this visit and hope you can join us on Sunday the 3rd to spend a few hours on the bike.

If you want more info head over to the Facebook event or join our community in Strava.