Introducing the NDLSS Fall / Winter collection

You spent your summer on the saddle. You legs are perfectly fitted and your tan lines are on point.

But, unfortunately, summer is definitely over in the Northern Hemisphere, and this moment marks the real turning point on your training; when you need to keep your momentum even when the lower temperatures invite you to stay under the blanket watching the last season of your favorite show.


It is now when you need to relay on your winter gear to push your boundaries with no limitations

In our obsession to give you the best quality and performance, we have developed our first Fall / Winter Collection, which we are extremely proud to present.

Combining wind and water protective fabrics and merino natural wool, it will keep you warm and dry during your most challenging winter adventures.

We are immensely proud to bring our vision to the next level and we can’t wait for you to join us in this new era for NDLSS.