Introducing the NDLSS Cosmetics

A very small detail can make a great difference. And as much as we enjoy the time on our bike, cyclists love those rituals around the ride.
That special early breakfast, dressing up carefully, layer by layer, at the crack of dawn...

Here is where cosmetics play an important part. We are proud to introduce you to our new line of oils and balms, hand mixed and made with organic ingredients to #makeyourridesEndless.

Natural organic ingredients hand mixed to prevent saddle sores and to lubricate the skin.

This embrocation is a warm hug for your pins on chilly days and will keep you dressed up for those dirty cyclocross races. 

Pre-race oil
This pre-race oil stimulates blood flow and give you defined shiny legs. This oil is non-warming and is designed for warmer days.

Post ride
High quality organic sweet almond and rape seed massage oil. Non sticky, just smooth freshness on your legs. Also good after a shave of you legs for a great feeling.



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