FAST FIT vs. AWAY FIT: Constructed to compete/tailored to train

We’ve developed a full range of jerseys to ensure you’re ready everyday and on race day. Each piece is designed and constructed to cover the varied ways we ride. What started as strictly Fast has grown to include garments that have a less aggressive fit: Away. So how do our Fast and Away Jerseys compare? Where do the new Home Jerseys belong?

AWAY FIT: Away Jerseys and Home Jerseys

Our signature Away fit is designed for comfort. This classic, all-day fit doesn’t pertain exclusively to our Away Jerseys, but also to our newest Home Jerseys. Like the Away Jersey, the Home Jersey maintains a soft fabric foundation plus sleek back pockets and an internal zipper guard. 

The only difference between our Away Jerseys and our Home Jerseys is the fabric. Designed with the planet in mind, our Home Jerseys are made of lush Italian textiles that had been deemed deadstock by the factory. Our Home and Away Jerseys are durable and still fast, just a bit more forgiving than our Fast Jersey. In a nutshell, these jerseys are slim fit, durable, and perfect for tough training days.

FAST FIT: Fast Jersey and Fast Mesh Jerseys

Our Fast Jerseys, as the name suggests, are about speed. In short, the Fast Jerseys mean: race fit, aero, and made for competition. The simple construction and distraction-free details paired with a tight on-body feel ensure you’re ready to push yourself, whether sprinting amongst friends or in a local crit. 

With anti-sag pockets and strategically placed silicone/thermal taping, the Fast Jersey stays in place no matter how aggressively you ride. As these jerseys are as aero as they get, we suggest you size up if you’re in doubt or in between sizes. Within the Fast range, you can also check out our all mesh jerseys made for scorching summer rides.