Introducing the Rosso and Foresta lines

Our Rosso and Foresta lines represent a new stage in Endless’ quest to produce the best and most beautiful cycling kits. Our new manufacturing home of Italy has inspired the design of these collections, and allowed us to bring an entirely new level of quality to our products. These are our finest kits yet, and we can’t wait for them to join you on your ride.


As we looked forward towards the future of NDLSS, we examined ourselves critically: How can we improve the quality in every detail of our kits? How can we capture more emotion in our designs?


These questions led us to Italy, where we have found our new manufacturing home, marking a new era for NDLSS. Our time in Italy gave birth to our two new collections, FORESTA and ROSSO, which draw inspiration from Northern Italy’s breathtaking countryside and Southern Italy’s fiery passion. FORESTA reflects the external: the sunlight peaking through the leaves; the rolling hills beside you; the never-ending switchbacks; the chirping of birds during your early morning ride. ROSSO represents the internal: the burning of your quads as you climb; the heat of the Tuscan sun on your skin; the warm triumph following your longest ride or your fastest ascent.

We are immensely proud to bring our vision to the next level — to make cycling gear with a simple and elegant design of the highest caliber — and we can’t wait for you to join us in this new era for NDLSS.