BEHIND THE CURTAIN: Interview with Peter, Photographer/Filmmaker

For this shoot, we looked no farther than our favorite places to ride close to home: Igualada, Catalonia. Igualada is the photographer and his grupetta’s go-to riding spot. He knows the area like the back of his hand and made sure to time everything according to when the flowers bloom. Igualada is the capital of a rich wine and agricultural pocket located four hours inland (by bike) from the center of Barcelona. 

1) How did you meet the Fast Friends in the photos?

“We met the models through Hugo as they were already NDLSS Fast Friends. Although we hadn’t met in person before, we connected quickly and there were great vibes from the beginning. To complete the team, my trusted drone pilot, Miki, armed with his many gadgets, accompanied us. For those who know drones, Miki used his DJI Inspire and new FPV tech (FPV means “first personal view” which is used in races).”

2) Why did you choose Igualada?

“Apart from being a beautiful area, it’s quite unknown. I’m going after Girona a bit here–people can be quite narrow-minded and don’t recognize there are beautiful villages and backroads everywhere. Instagram does a lot of harm. I’m a huge proponent of defending where I’m from and where I ride. When you come to visit, you’ll see. For this shoot, we took advantage of the yellow rapeseed flowers in their maximum splendor.” 

3) What inspirations lie behind the images?

“I was inspired by one specific stretch of road lined with these yellow flowers. Just a few weeks before the shoot, I passed through there while riding with some friends. I talked with Miki, who knows a lot about bloom timing in the area, and he let me know when exactly the rapeseed flowers would be in full bloom. That same day, I chatted with Hugo and we started organizing everything.”

4) What did you snack on during the shoot?

“We made a midmorning stop at a typical roadside cafe to grab some fuel in the form of Spanish Tortilla and baguettes filled with bacon and cheese.”

5) Did the photos and videos come out as you imagined?

“I’m really happy with how the video and photos turned out, although I’m always thinking about future NDLSS projects I want to do. My philosophy as a photographer and filmmaker is to show cycling in the most authentic way possible–the cycling world I know and the community within it. In this vein, I try to embrace the unexpected conditions that happen in every shoot.”